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Owing to the current ongoing situation, the DTCA 2020 AGM which had been booked for the end of June, cannot now take place.   We will have to try and reschedule for later in the year once matters are clearer.

Production of the DTCA special edition Omnisport model has been postponed.


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--23d Auto Union Racing Car / Large Closed Racing Car (1936-1950)

4 hours 37 min ago

--40h and 254 Austin FX3 Taxi (1952-59)

4 hours 46 min ago

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-571 and 971 Coles Mobile Crane (1949-66)

11 hours 29 min ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

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-986 Thornycroft Mighty Antar with Propeller (1959-61)

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-622 Foden 10 ton Army truck (1954-64)

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-622 Foden 10 ton Army truck (1954-64)

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-622 Foden 10 ton Army truck (1954-64)

2 days 23 hours ago

-622 Foden 10 ton Army truck (1954-64)

3 days 1 hour ago

-622 Foden 10 ton Army truck (1954-64)

3 days 3 hours ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

5 days 21 hours ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

5 days 22 hours ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

6 days 1 hour ago

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-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

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-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

6 days 11 hours ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

1 week 7 hours ago

-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

1 week 10 hours ago

--23d Auto Union Racing Car / Large Closed Racing Car (1936-1950)

1 week 22 hours ago

--23d Auto Union Racing Car / Large Closed Racing Car (1936-1950)

1 week 22 hours ago

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-521, 921and 409 Bedford Articulated Lorry (1948-63)

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This DTCA Website was introduced as an additional service to members in late 2009. As can be seen there is also an extensive public section.There was no additional charge to the members and it has been funded out of existing reserves and is supported on a voluntary basis by DTCA members.

The site has an ever increasing archive of content, of new articles written by members who are mainly experienced Dinky Toy Collectors, of scans of archive material; factory drawings, catalogues, archive photographs, past Journals etc.

It also has a Forum to which members can post information. The public is able to read Forum boards and posts.


This article gives some examples of the type and depth of content available on the Members' Section:


The Articles Section contains a growing set of information on various series of Dinky Toys from the earliest days. For example, it contains the most in depth information on the early and late O Gauge figures published anywhere and is the result of the authors' interest in accessories and his extensive collection.

Accessed from the left hand image is a sample article which is an extract from one on the 47 Series, Traffic Signals and Road signs. It just discusses the 47 Series Road signs. These are frequently incorrectly identified as pre- or post war by sellers mainly because as the author has established that the main Dinky Toy reference works are incorrect on the identification.


The Wiki is an encyclopedia is a resource of general information about Dinky Toys, similar to the Articles section but covering techniques and content general to many Dinky Toys ranges, such as manufacturing processes, tyres wheels etc. This section is still under development. Click on the image to access a sample Wiki entry concerning the dating of pre-war boxed Dinky Toys items.

Document Archive:

One of the objectives of the Association is to bring together as much original Meccano Ltd. literature and information relating to Dinky Toys as possible. This website provides the mechanism for members to access digitised copies of those documents. We are looking at gathering together many categories of information.

This includes: Advertising, Boxes and inserts, factory drawings, instruction leaflets, etc. The images on the left access a catalogue and a factory drawing. 

We now have 77 articles covering factory drawings and have already scanned many Dinky Toys and Meccano Catalogues.

In addition, we are gradually scans of instruction leaflets that members can access and print at full size, box inserts for pre-war boxes etc.

Journal Archive:

In addition to the printed copies of the Journals that the full members receive quarterly, the website also contains an archive of all previous Journals up to about 6 months before the current date.

The image at the left accesses the full copy of the October 2011 edition.

The Journal has recently been increased in size and now is in full colour on all pages. This means we are no longer be sending an extra short Christmas edition.

In addition, joining allows members to post to the Forum, accesses other information such as a comprehensive bibliography of Dinky Toys publications and all the other member benefits such as discounted Vectis Auction catalogues, collection insurance, access to member auctions and meetings etc.

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Dinky Toys Collectors' Association

Founded 2002 by David Cooke and David Dawson

Lifelong Honorary President: David Cooke

Chairman: Michael Driver

Patrons: Cala Hopkinson (Granddaughter of Frank Hornby)

Who we are:

The Dinky Toys Collectors' Association was founded to stimulate interest and facilitate communication among collectors of Dinky Toys, Hornby Series Modelled Miniatures and accessories, as manufactured by Meccano Ltd. in its British and overseas factories up to 1979.

WHAT WE DO: The Association is a non profit-making organisation and all officers serve in a voluntary capacity. It does not generally trade in Dinky Toys or any other product, except for its own publications or authorised copies of original material and club memorabilia.

JOURNAL: Our principal activity is the production of a Journal, "The Journal", which is edited and published by the Committee. This relies on members for contributions of both technical and historical interest and provides a platform for exchange of views, ideas and experiences of collecting and restoring Dinky Toys.

See below to access some sample pages from The Journal.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Four quarterly printed Journals per annum
  • Reduction in the printed catalogue prices from a major toy auction house
  • Copies of many original Meccano Ltd drawings available for research or reproduction of parts.
  • Auction sales for members
  • Access to members’ area of this website: Forum, Dinky Wiki, Articles and new research into Dinky Toys and their production. Journal Indices and Detailed Diary Dates
  • Discounted  insurance for specialist collections
  • Commemorative Model Issues
  • Access to a wealth of archive information and recent research

Summary of the Aims and Objectives of the Association


To form an Association of like-minded Dinky Toy collectors throughout the UK and overseas.

To publish a quarterly Journal featuring member’s articles, with 16 pages of editorial.

The DTCA is a non-profit making organisation. Excess funds are used to improve communications between members or for other members’ benefits.

All Committee members stand for re-election at the Annual General Meeting

The Committee consists of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman,Treasurer, Editor, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Technical Officer

Readers' letters and articles continue to unearth and explain previously unknown facts and details about Dinky Toys and their production.

If you have the slightest interest in Dinky Toys then DTCA membership and the Journal is for you.

DTCA Constitution

The DTCA operates under an agreed constitution, this can be read by accessing the following link, this will open in a new window:

DTCA Constitution

Objectives of the DTCA

  • To stimulate interest among, to seek knowledge from and to exchange information between, collectors of Dinky Toys and Hornby Modelled Miniatures as manufactured by Meccano Ltd in its British and overseas factories up to and including the year 1979;
  • To promote and hold, either alone, or jointly with other associations, clubs, or persons such meetings, exhibitions and other functions as the executive committee may decide;
  • To increase the interest and knowledge of the members and to encourage members to support the association financially for the general wellbeing of the association;
  • To publish and circulate a regular “Journal” and other information of interest to the members;
  • To encourage members to produce and commission spare and replacement parts and to undertake repairs and restorations;
  • To support and organise any other activity which in the opinion of the executive committee is likely to further any or all of the above objectives.